Point Of Sales (POS/Aplikasi Penjualan) Aulia Indah

we have created Point of sales (POS / aplikasi penjualan) for our client Toko Aulia Indah. Some menu is :

– Master of product (Master barang)

– Master of supplier (Master suplier)

– Master of member (Master member)

– Sales form (Form penjualan)

– Purchase form (Form pembelian)

– Cirulation Report (Laporan sirkulasi)

– Transaction Report (Laporan transaksi)

– Etc (dll)

below example of the application (note : for our client privacy and security, data input for our public documentation is not real data)

Sales Form (Form Penjualan)
Transaction Report (Laporan Transaksi)
Transaction Report (Laporan Transaksi)

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